If you’re looking for an opportunity to develop wealth through property, our uncompromising professional team is committed to realising true growth potential, using realistic and timely wealth creation methodologies. These elements combine to provide minimal risk and maximum return on your Birmingham UK property investments.

We provide the following full property investment services

Property Acquistions

Identifying property investments through  substantial market knowledge and industry contacts.

In-house management of the property acquisition process.

Property Management

Property management and tenant placements throughout the ownership.

Bespoke property management reporting procedures.

Property Re-sale

Providing property asset management advice.

Advising on the disposal process and timing sales to maximise returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your investment service offer?

  1. We identity the best investment properties in Birmingham UK that fall within our stringent criteria.
  2. We conduct a due diligence report on each property, which is provided to you from the outset. Namely, a Property Analysis, Financial Analysis and Property Inspection report.
  3. We wait for your approval to proceed with the purchase(s).
  4. We assist in company formation services (if required).
  5. We organise the entire buying process and engage all the relevant property lawyers to ensure a seamless transaction.
  6. Once the legal completion has occurred, we set all new utility accounts (gas, electricity and water), council tax and insurance.
  7. We organise any maintenance work (if required) using professional tradesmen.
  8. We instruct our in-house management company to manage your investment.
  9. We provide annual accounting and company filing services.
  10. We ensure you recieve rent payments.
  11. We can arrange for resale of the property (when required).
  12. We provide full support throughout the investment process and aftercare service.

Are you an Estate Agent?

No. Estate Agents work for and are paid by the vendor to achieve the highest price. We are an independent investment company who act exclusively for buyers. We strive to find the best property and price for our clients; thus we can offer impartial advice without any conflict of interest.

How do you find your properties?

Estate Agents, private sellers, developers and landowners know that we represent serious buyers. In this way, we receive advance notice of properties that are to be sold privately, or are making their way to the market; meaning that our clients have the opportunity to buy a property off the open market, prior to advertising or be the first buyer through the door.

What are your fees?

Our investment agency fee is 2% of the purchase price (subject to £1,000 retainer fee) for the acquisition of the property. This includes the following:

    1. Sourcing property investments through our substantial market knowledge and industry contacts.
    2. Providing full reports for each property with location details and financial projections.
    3. Negotiating prices and managing the property acquisitions process.
    4. Transferring the property to full management.
    Usually you are able to recoup the fee by us negotiating on the price.

What are the next steps?

Step 1: Client Registration. Complete the client identification form, submit proof of funds and return to Sovereign Investments with retainer fee.

Step 2: Receive Property Details. We conduct a due diligence report on each property and when you proceed with a property the reservation agreement will be sent.

Step 3: Property Reservation. The property will be secured with the payment of the reservation deposit.

Step 4: Legal Work and Completion. A UK Lawyer (Solicitor) will complete the legal work, process purchase funds and register the deed in your company name.

Step 5: Property Management. Our in-house property management team will secure tenants, collect rent payments and maintain the property.

Step 6: Rent Payments. We will send you monthly rent payments and provide you access to your online statements.

Property Examples in Birmingham

These are the type of prime location apartments we source for our clients.

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