About Us

Sovereign Investments is an international property investment, development and asset management company.

We deliver comprehensive wealth creation solutions for a range of property investors, from high net worth individuals to family offices and equity partners to joint-venture partners, seeking to maximise prudent investment returns by investing in Birmingham UK property portfolios.

Our current acquisitions encompass a broad range of property investments with portfolios of residential properties and residential development projects. Our experience covers all stages of the investment cycle, from acquisition and pre-planning, through to completion, sales, full property management and to the eventual resale of the property.

We optimise value and manage risk through the application of market knowledge, development expertise and a wide range of multi-disciplinary skills.

Word from our Founder

“We have found that Birmingham is the ideal location for property investments in the UK and I would welcome you to explore this location for your next property investment pruchases.

Shah Karim LLB (Hons), LLM, CeMAP – CEO

Our Expert Team

Our investment experts constantly evaluate the best ways to put your money to work. Our portfolios are completely liquid and you can access your money at any time. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Shah Karim

CEO / Founder
15 years’ experience with developing real estate assets in the USA and UK. He is also a Legal Advisor with detailed knowledge of property, investment and company law. As an Investment Manager his specialism is in developing distressed real estate into high yielding investment properties. He operates an Asset Management company managing investment units for overseas investors from Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, UAE and Kuwait.
Masters of Laws – (LLM Commercial Law) University of Birmingham, UK
Bachelor of Laws – (LLB Hons) University of Leicester, UK
New York Attorney Bar Course – Holborn College
Financial Advisor (CeMAP)
UK Residential Property Management (NFOPP Level 3 Award)
UK Commercial Property Management (NFOPP Level 3 Award)

Yasmin Patel

Operations Director
Over 12 years of global corporate business consulting experience including UK, China, Europe, Switzerland, USA and South Africa. She advises international blue chip companies on their corporate strategy and commercial risk management. Yasmin previously worked as a Management Consultant at Deloitte UK. She was also Head of Commercial for Royal Mail’s expansion in China.
Master of Arts (Science and Statistics) – (MA Hons) University of Cambridge, UK
Bachelor of Arts (Science and Statistics) – (BA Hons) University of Cambridge, UK
Managing Projects in Controlled Environments
Lean & Six Sigma

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